Playing With Prints!




Good Morning and Happy Summer! I know it has been a few months since I last posted, BUT I’m BACK and have some great inspirational pieces to share with you in the weeks to come! In the last month, I have moved from the beautiful San San Francisco area to the beautiful Evergreen Seattle, Washington. This particular piece was taken before I left, as I looked out, taking in the last moments  I had in the Bay Area. 

Since being in Seattle, I have came across numerous coffee shops [ & Yummy Cappuccinos} that I am stoked to be able to share with you! 

The past few months I have been all about spicing up my wardrobe with prints and patterns! Whether its a causal t-shirt/tank day or a fun Friday night out, you’ll always see me with some sort of interesting pattern. I love pairing my patterns with a soft color, to make the outfit not too overbearing but still popping! If you wondering where to find some great patterns, my favorite store, ZARA, has some fabulous finds! In fact this whole outfit is a ZARA find! So, as you enjoy the rest of your glorious Saturday Summer afternoon, you can be on the look out for some fun prints and patterns! Keep checking back in, as I will be posting some of my favorite coffee shops in the Seattle area 🙂

Peace & Bessings


Sideboard Is Open! Hooray!!!


So… if you haven’t heard yet, my favorite local coffee shop is open! SIDEBOARD. Todays shoot took place inside the walls of this casual, comfy atmosphere. As I sipped on a nice glass of Blue Bottle Coffee, my photographer, Harry Glazier did an iphone only shoot of me.

As Spring kicks into full gear and with Summer around the corner, dresses and cool clothes are being pulled into the wardrobe of mine. This outfit piece, is perfect for a comfy day at your local coffee shop! Whether your meeting a friend for coffee/ lunch, working on homework, or having quiet time (BIble and journal on hand), a cotton dress is a must! It is just so COMFY. Having a light wash cotton dress is great for all seasons! During winter time, I throw on with this dress some tights, boots, and a burnt orange scarf. And now that its spring time, I just throw on about any light color or patterned scarf, with some long necklaces stacked underneath, and sandals. If you want to accessorize even more (which I often do) rings are the perfect touch!

Make sure to check out the new Sideboard location!

PS: Iced Almond Milk Latte is to DIE FOR.

|Dress: Cotton On| |Sandals: BP Nordstrom| |Scarf: American Eagle| |Long Necklace: BP Nordstrom| |Kate Spade Necklace| |Sunglasses: Ray Ban|

iPhone Photography by Harry Glazier

Cords & Color.

IMG_8512 IMG_8528 IMG_8527 IMG_8508 IMG_8524 IMG_8557 IMG_8510|Top: Nordstrom (link to the brand) | . | Cords: Old Navy (Same Pair!| |Necklace: Nordstrom ( Link to Spring Necklace Collection) |. | Shoes: Nordsrom (Similar pair) |


Woohoo! I am so happy its Friday! AND its Spring!!! Suns out, Colors Out! Feeling pretty matchy matchy with my shoes and top, but luckily my favorite pair of jeans ( my lovely cords) bring it all together! It was a bit windier today, so ponytail it was. Whenever I throw my hair up though I always have to top it off with some kind of FUN hair headband.  As you step into this new Spring season, I challenge you todo something FUN! Whether its this weekend or the upcoming week, have some fun and go to the beach, soak up those rays, and be in awe of how magnificent God’s creations are!

Love Ya!

Special Thanks to Harry Glazier


I like Unicorns.




So for all you who didn’t know I am a BIG fan of Unicorns. They are just so fun and spunky! If I could be any animal it would definitely be a Unicorn. When I got this shirt over summer I knew it was pretty ridiculous yet I LOVED IT. The funny thing is, the other day when I walked into Forever 21 I saw that they had Unicorn apparel! I was a little stoked…Maybe A LOT. I know it may be a little crazy, but BE the FIRST to rep Unicorns in your neighborhood, school, or local coffee shop. I dare you:)

|Bottoms: Nordstrom| . |Hat: Krochet Kids| . | Boots: Steve Madden|


Special thanks to Harry Glazier Photography!

“Spring” Into Your Weekend


Hope you guys have enjoyed the past couple of sunny days! I know I have for sure! Stoked to be able to pull out one of my favorite colors. Coral. I love being able to pair it with this army green vest as we are in this transitional season.  But to be personally honest I wear army green in all seasons. Im fine and dandy with doing so, as long as I pair it with a bit of brighter colors in the Spring and darker colors in the Fall! We might be having some raining/ cloudy days in the near future… But before that comes, “Spring” into this nice sunny weekend with some of your favorite Fall and Spring colors!

| Vertical Striped Top: Urban Outfitters | . | Vest: Nordstrom | . |Skirt: Nordstrom | . |Shoes: DKNYC | . | Turtle Shell Watch: BP Nordstrom| . |Necklace: BP Nordstrom|

Special Thanks to Harry Glazier Photography.

Click. Clack. CLASH.




|Smile Face Tank: Clobba| . | High Waisted Trousers: Forever 21| . |Stars & Stripes Denim Vest: Forever 21| . | Infinity Scarf: Cotton On | . | Nike Wedges: Nordstrom| . | Plaid Shirt: random thrift store 🙂 |Cat Watch: Nordstrom|

Happy Friday Everyone! Goodness, I’m still loving this foggy weather! Todays outfit had a lot going on but its always fun to throw some spunk on at the end of your week! Sometimes you just have to throw on zig-zags, plaid, stars, stripes, a smiley face, and while your at it, bring a horse along with you! Just kidding the horse just wanted to have his picture taken too:) I encourage you to go into this weekend and CLASH something! It can be as small as clashing your gold and silver jewelry or as crazy as me, with all my funky patterns! 

Have Fun This Weekend and CLASH~


Special Thanks to Harry Glazier Photography

The “Swoosh” Up.



|Faded Denim Jacket: Nordstrom (rubbish)| . | Wide Neck Ballet Tee: Nordstrom (frenchi) . |Grey Cotton Beanie: Target| . |Glasses: Nike| . |Silver Chain Necklace: Nordstrom| . |White Watch: Fossil| . |Silver Chain Bracelet: Target| . |Sparkly Tiffany Blue Nike Wedges: UNKNWN|

Happy Friday Everyone! Sorry it’s been a few weeks but I have been “Swooshing” it up with my style lately. I think I have caught a NIKE FEVER or something. When I was in Miami a few weeks ago I came across these amazing Tiffany Blue Nike Wedges or what I’d like to call my Disco Shoes. I found them at a store called “UNKNWN”, which you all need to check out online. This whole look is based on my time walking through this modern lifestyle store. It’s always fun for me to brighten or pop my outfit with a fun article of clothing and/or accessory. So this time I chose to be BOLD and go with my funky Disco Shoes. I encourage you to BE BOLD not only with your outfits but with YOU! Walk The Walk In Boldness.

Special Thanks to Rachel Heisel Photography.

Still Weather For Leather!

Still Weather For Leather!






|Grey Cotton Shirt: Urban Outfitters| . |Leather Jacket: Forever 21| . |Vintage Scarf: *Great Grandmas’| .  | White Skirt: Urban Outfitters| . |Yellow Socks: Urban Outfitters| . |Black Wedges : Nike| . | Purse: BP Nordstrom|

Even though we said  goodbye to Fall and the Holidays that followed, I’m so happy that there is time “still weather for leather”. Today I did something I never do… I planned my outfit around my Nike Wedges. I wanted it to be Bold yet Girly. So I wore my skater skirt paired with the leather jacket, which was a perfect fit. I had to throw in a pop of color, so I dug up my Great Grandma’s scarf .

Special Thanks to Rachel Heisel Photography.

Peace out 2013

|Leggings: MImi Chica|  |Jacket: Forever 21| | Red & Blue Plaid Shirt: Old Navy| |Shoes: Steve Madden|
Looking Back On 2013

|Leggings: MImi Chica| . |Jacket: Forever 21| . | Red & Blue Plaid Shirt: Old Navy| . |Shoes: Steve Madden|

IMG_2540 copyIMG_2554 copyIMG_2356 copyIMG_2374-2

Street Style
Street Style

|Top: Lush| . |Skirt: Lily White| . |Tights: Target|

IMG_2214 copyem 9

Saying goodbye to 2013 and walking into the new year. Not sure what adventures lie ahead but Im packing my bags to whatever comes my way. Ready. Set. GO!  Hello 2014.
Saying goodbye to 2013 and walking into the new year. Not sure what adventures lie ahead but packed my bags to whatever comes my way. Ready. Set. GO.
Hello 2014.

Special thanks to Harry Glazier Photography.


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